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About us

Viners on the Hill is an independent family run business associated with Viner & Sons in West Malling which was Est. 1777.  We are proud to serve & support our local community offering flowers, handmade cards, jewellery, arts, crafts and confectionery.  Within our shop we have a variety of top-quality products all supplied by local small businesses.  Every time you visit our shop and buy our products you are helping small business all around Kent.  We also provide Free delivery in Kings Hill for those who can’t get out to our shop due to the current climate and delivery for our customers who live further away.  We also offer a click & collect service as well.  Please feel free to call us on 01732 600400 or email us at



Viners On The Hill

Meet the team

Charlotte Gardner Charlotte Gardner

Charlotte Gardner

Owner & Creative Director

I’m Charlotte,  I am the Creative Director for Viners on the Hill, Kings Hill and The Drawing Rooms Gallery and Venue in West Malling.

I paint or draw many of the cards and artworks that we sell in both locations, and I’m also the creator of most of the bespoke commissions for new cards and artworks.

I have been an artist for 30+ years and especially enjoy using watercolours and acrylics in an illustrative style.

I am very passionate about opening up creative opportunities for everyone to enjoy, since I believe absolutely EVERYONE has art abilities, despite the fact that many people claim to have none.   I get told daily by our guests that they cannot draw a stick figure for example.

However Art provides both an expressive outlet and either time to relax in a relaxed meditative environment or a vibrant, uplifting one.  We all benefit a great deal from this, and it’s sad that many do not allow themselves the opportunity because they believe they have no art ability.  I have been delighted to have opened the creative doors for hundreds of people over the past few years, and our numerous workshops are all about doing just that!  So please do come along and explore your own creativity with us!

Karin Rossouw Karin Rossouw

Karin Rossouw

Retail Associate


Madeleine English Madeleine English

Madeleine English

Retail Associate


Robyn Ledger Robyn Ledger

Robyn Ledger

Retail Associate