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Simply Woman Set


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This spa set consists of an Organic Rose Facial Spritz, a Cooling Essential Oil Body Cream containing Peppermint, Cypress Oil, Geranium & Clary Sage and a beautiful Flower Essence Blend Created by Beautiful Shelley Sishton of The Organic Flower Farm in Kent.

The Essence, when taken 2-3 time daily, helps to balance the ‘Female Seasons of Life’. The spray helps when we need an instant cooling effect on the face. The cream helps to cool and balance our bodies from top to toe.

The time to pause when we start to enter the Autumn of our lives is encouraged and supported through the products in this set. It’s a time to emerge into our true and full power, which can bring with it many surges in energy. This set helps us to manage and feel less overwhelmed so that we can step in to our true nature.


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