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Block of 6 Online Art Classes!


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Art is not only a way to create something beautiful and unique but also offers the opportunity to get to grips with your creative side and learn new skills. If you are keen to develop your artistic abilities, then online art classes are a great way to fit your learning around a busy schedule.

Virtual Art Classes with Charlotte Gardner

At Viners on the Hill, we are proud to be led by Charlotte Gardner, who has vast experience of working with artists of all ages and abilities. Charlotte will understand the level you are at before helping you refine your skills and learn new techniques each session. By the end of each one hour lesson, you will have completed a new piece of art that utilises all the skills you have learned to date, resulting in a collection that shows the journey you have been on.

What You Can Expect From Online Art Classes

If you have never taken an online art class, you may be wondering how it all works. The good news is that they are effective and provide you access to some of the most talented teachers without having to leave the comfort of your home or studio. Most online classes will include the following as part of their format:

  • Sharing the history of art or specific techniques and how they have evolved
  • Discussing key theories and techniques that will be used during the session
  • Hands on practice to try new techniques and hone skills
  • Feedback from teacher and classmates on work completed

What Equipment Do I Need for Online Art Classes?

Each online art class is different, and depending on the art medium you will be learning, the tools will vary. At Viners on the Hill, we will supply you with full guidance on what you will need to get the most from each session. You will also be able to ask advice from the course leader when it comes to selecting the best materials for any ongoing work that you are keen to complete.

Do I Need to be an Artist to Try Online Art Classes?

Many people worry that they need to have proven artistic experience to join an online art class, but this is not true. We work with people of all abilities and only request that you have a willingness to learn. Art is not only a relaxing pursuit, but it also offers you the opportunity to focus on something just for you or a gift for someone you care about.

Booking Art Workshops with Us

If you are ready to book online art workshops, why not try our Viners on the Hill, block of six lessons for just £100? Not only will you enjoy the expert tuition, but you will also have the opportunity to create something you are proud of. Take a look around our website today and contact us with any questions you have before signing up – we look forward to supporting you on your art journey.


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