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Gift Bags

Here at Viners on the Hill, we believe that gifts are made that extra bit special by presenting them in an attractive way. That’s why we offer a range of bespoke gift bags with customisable designs for you to give your gifts that extra bit of pizzazz.

 We specialise in selling flowers and bespoke products like handmade cards, jewellery, confectionery and much more. We’re an independent family business – we always have been and we always will be. This means we put love and enthusiasm into everything, just as if we were making it for our own loved ones. That’s the Viners on the Hill difference.

 As a family business, we also like to support other families in the local community in Kent and beyond by making sure all our materials are supplied by local small businesses who work hard in the same way we do.

Unique Gift Bags Bespoke For Your Needs 

Our unique gift bags are a prime example of our love and commitment to creating brilliant pieces of art for others to enjoy. These personalised gift bags can be made to suit your requirements. Our monogrammed gift bags feature a prominent design that you can choose from.

We’re particularly proud of our handmade cards as well as our gift bags. Check out our range of bespoke cards here

 Get in touch now for more information about the services and products we offer. We’re a friendly team who love chatting about our customers’ visions for their personalised products. 

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